Episode 1: Creating History

    It started with a fan’s plea to “save Johor football”. From there, a young Crown Prince took the pieces of a shattered dream to forge a fearless juggernaut, dominating Malaysian football and sending shockwaves in the international arena. Watch JDT FC’s journey in its endeavour to stand tall with the football icons of the world.

    Episode 2: Warzone

    Football isn’t glamour. It’s a grind. And if you perform below expectations, and you’re as good as gone. Massive battles are fought daily, both on and off the pitch. Watch JDT navigate through a crazy warzone, in the fight to lift the Malaysia Cup.

    Episode 3: Family

    JDT’s players and management hail from different parts of the world, different walks of life, speaking different languages. From homegrown Malaysia to distant Latin America. They live, play and struggle together – in daily life and on the field. What emerges is a united team, and a truly unique family.

    Episode 4: Empire

    Explore the foundation of the JDT empire – the fans, and the future. As legions of fans use football to integrate a diverse multicultural society, JDT’s youth academy is assembling the best among Malaysia’s young – not just building future footballers, but also future leaders for this game called Life, giving back to society.

    Episode 5: Majesty

    2020 saw a new stadium, a slew of trophy silver, and renewed strength to accomplish the mission started in 2012 by TMJ, Crown Prince of Johor. But his own journey remained untold, until now. Future Sultan of Johor – and future King of Malaysia – his focus is football as a powerful and passionate force to unify a diverse society, State and Nation.

    Hidup Johor Demi Johor