HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor met Johor Darul Ta’zim FC (JDT) fans from Boys of Straits and several fan clubs at JDT Cafe, Padang Seri Gelam to discuss several club related matters.
    Among the things discussed were:
    1. HRH Crown Prince of Johor runs the club more or less like managing the state. Hearing the rakyat/fans’ issues .
    2. The season pass prices include exclusive packages (for example, being able to attend training sessions, getting player autographs, touring the stadium) as well as covering club expenses involving facility upgrades and so on, which have relied on sponsorships alone all this while.
    3. JDT’s target for the AFC Champions League (ACL) is to get past the group stage. However we need to realise that the level of ASEAN football is still far behind East Asia as well as West Asia and fans need to judge based on facts and rationality because the players are not robots. What matters is that JDT’s name is always present in the highest Asian club competition.
    4. Regarding JDT’s new players for 2022, it has not yet been finalised. Some players will be loaned out and there will probably be one or two new foreign players. Currently, no players from JDT II will be promoted to the senior squad but one or two players will be selected to train with the main squad and play for JDT II.
    5. There is a new international company that will sponsor JDT and it is in the final stages of discussion. This is another remarkable achievement for the club as many international companies want to sponsor JDT due to the strength of the JDT brand. Also mentioned were 39 million views on YouTube for matches involving JDT.
    6. JDT won 69% of 39 games throughout the season, an overall win rate of 65% since 2013. The recent defeat was a blessing in disguise because otherwise, JDT might feel too comfortable.
    7. When players and management cry after losing, it is a good sign because it is a winning mentality that has been instilled into everyone involved with JDT.
    8. HRH Crown Prince of Johor described the current JDT fans as different from before because they are now more mature. Fans should be proud of JDT’s records and unity is everything and it is the strength of this club.
    9. We plan to do our preseason in Dubai (depending on the country’s current policy) where we will meet great teams. The aim is to give ourselves a tough lesson.
    10. On the possibility of world-class players joining JDT, such players will only come if they receive very high offers. They may also be thinking about their final destination for retirement and it is more lucrative for them to go to the United States, Japan, China or the Middle East.
    11. It’s hard to get another player like Luciano Figueroa. Signing a marquee player is risky, especially if he has a diva attitude. JDT’s philosophy is to play as a unit. It is better to do a charity match for spectators to see famous players in action.
    12. Within the JDT Academy, there are several foreign and local talent scouts. The Academy values ​​quality over quantity.
    13. Fans should remain professional. Focus on the good things at the club, pack the stadium (a symbol of victory for JDT fans), criticise based on facts and stay united and strong behind the club and give encouragement to the players. JDT fans need to make the Johor flag an identity.
    14. JDT’s biggest rival is JDT itself, becoming better than yesterday or last season.
    15. About the new training center — it is a unique idea and will be a source of pride for JDT.
    Hidup Johor Demi Johor