After today, any club that does not pay salaries on time, or pulls out at their whims and fancy, or breaks any regulation, just need to ask their state’s Sultan to write a letter expressing anger.

    Teams from every state that have done something wrong can all now ask MFL to withdraw their decision by seeking the good will of their respective Tuanku Sultan to issue a letter. After this other Tuanku Sultans will also ask, why Selangor can get their punishment reduced but our state can’t?

    Since 2013, JDT FC have been fined hundreds of thousands and I was once banned for six months, but Tuanku Sultan Johor never issued a letter nor made a statement. Even giving the Datuk title was brought up. MFL made a U-Turn without receiving an appeal letter. Those who have been attacking MFL online endlessly should now start praising MFL.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the real “Tokong” of Malaysian football.

    His Royal Highness Tunku Ismail, The Regent of Johor