1. JDT will send well-balanced squads for the Malaysia Cup and the AFC Champions League.
    2. Diogo Luís Santo will leave the club and return to Thailand after the Malaysia Cup campaign.
    3. Camilo da Silva from Brazil will replace Diogo. He is currently playing in the Mexican league.
    4. Daniel Amir will join the team and several young players from JDT II will be promoted to the first team
    5. The Sultan Ibrahim Stadium pitch will be upgraded and JDT will play the Malaysia Cup at the Larkin Stadium.
    6. From a commercial standpoint, JDT are almost 75% to becoming a RM1 billion company.
    7. 4 foreign companies will be sponsors of the team and stadium.
    8. Fernando Rodriguez will play in the AFC Champions League as Diogo’s replacement.
    9. Benjamin Mora remains as head coach and will also take on the manager’s role.
    10. Hariss Harun remains JDT captain. He will further his studies while playing for JDT.
    11. The JDT Medical Centre will be launched at the end of the year.
    12. A JDT Gymnasium will be built and open to the public.
    Hidup Johor Demi Johor