This Sarawak Crocs article highlighted a statement from Kuching City head coach Irfan Bakti who feels his team was lucky when HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor consented for Kuching City to use JDT’s facilities throughout their stay at Pasir Gudang.
    Irfan also praised the facilities provided by JDT as first class and his team was truly satisfied with the facilities. Kuching City previously used the Pasir Gudang Stadium as their home venue for almost all home matches in the 2021 Malaysian League season.
    “Luckily TMJ provided us space and facilities that we consider as first class, especially the training pitch. We looked at Pasir Gudang as our home even though it is in Johor. Playing at Pasir Gudang was fun for us. Whichever pitch we used, it was first class. So yes, our main satisfaction at Pasir Gudang was its facilities, especially the pitches. First class!” said Irfan.
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