This Stadium Astro article highlights former Johor Darul Ta’zim FC (JDT) player and manager Luciano Figueroa and his contributions to the club.

    “With a great reputation as well as a resume of playing in the La Liga, Serie A, EPL and for Argentina, he is the epitome of international players who have played in our country. Professional, highly skilled and most importantly, respect to be respected.”

    According to the article, Lucho was a player who would make sacrifices despite being injured, ensuring his team continued the fight in the 2015 AFC Cup final as he played outstandingly and helped his team win the most valuable trophy in the team’s history. Lucho was also hailed as an all-time hero.

    “You are a warrior, bro. That Luciano Figueroa Stand is totally a recognition that you deserve!” it added.…/legasi-lucho…/5785

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