This Harian Metro article reported experienced coach Wan Jamak Wan Hassan’s views on Johor Darul Ta’zim FC’s (JDT) outstanding performances in the Super League this season.
    According to him, the good relationship between the management and HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor as well as His Royal Highness’ champion mentality were key to the Southern Tigers’ dominance this season.
    “Among the reasons JDT have excelled is because of the team spirit, from the management to the lowest ranks. If you look at JDT, the individual with the most important role in the team’s success is surely HRH Crown Prince of Johor (TMJ). His Royal Highness always looks for the best solutions on how to improve the team even though everyone knows the team is already strong.”
    “If you look at other teams, it doesn’t seem like they have the same mentality as TMJ. Sometimes, there are teams that ‘recycle’ players, but at JDT, we rarely see that happen.
    “In fact, at JDT, they have guidelines to follow, KPI and so on. So those have created camaraderie, satisfaction, happiness and joy within a player to train hard, which improves the team’s performance.
    “If a team has good players or coaches but without support from the higher-ups, I think that will not help. Because football involves everyone, not just an individual,” he told Arena Metro.
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