This is a football club. Not a social welfare club. Whoever training well and works hard will play. Whoever doesn’t, will not play. Unhappy? The door is open. This is not prison. Simple.
    JDT fans who don’t know the story are also quick to follow the sentiments of other fans. The sight of the 8th title and club achievements are not seen nor valued. They want to teach me how to manage the club, the so called ‘expert’ social media pages are the same too. Loan the player out? Where do you want to loan when the window is closed. If playing minutes was important, go join PJ City where you will get to play every game.
    At JDT, those that work hard in training and perform will play. Those that want a challenge in their career and win titles, come to JDT. Those that wants minutes, join another club. No one is being forced. The choice is with the players.
    You knew the terms and policies of the club when you signed for JDT. You played often last year and the year before but after the tragic incident, you have not been the same. We gave you time, support and monitored it. If you’re not happy or don’t agree, let’s talk. Communicate, not tweet. Anyhow, the door is always open. Instead, you say “its fun watching my friends play.” Play what? Football? If you want to play football, you can do it anywhere. But if you want to play football and celebrate with fireworks, come to JDT. 🥇💙❤️
    HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor